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Recordamos que el jueves 10 y el viernes 11 tendrá lugar en el SUM de nuestro centro la presentación del programa europeo para los ciclos formativos y para 1º de bachillerato.

¡Atentos a los horarios!



Monday 1st April 2019

  • 8:30 welcome at the school in Havířov
  • 9:00 presentations of Czech students about their country, region and town
  • 10:00 collaborative GoogleSlides presentation on Historical Background
  • 11:00 possible participation in lessons of English, Spanish, Arts, Music…
  • 12:00 lunch at the school canteen
  • 12:45 possible participation in lessons of English, Spanish, Arts, Music…
  • 14:00 walk in the town (if the weather is nice), free time activities

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

  • 8:00 departure from the hotel to the historic town of Příbor
  • 9:00 visit to the Museum of Sigmund Freud (two groups of 16 people in turns as the house is quite small – the other group will visit the gardens in the nearby monastery or walk around the square)
  • 10:30 visit to the Church of the Birth of Virgin Mary in Příbor
  • 11:30 departure to Frýdek-Místek and short walk around the square (possibility to buy some snack or sandwich in a shop or bring your own snack – we will not have time for lunch but later you will have some sweets in Marlenka)
  • 13:00 visit to Marlenka – a firm founded in 2003 by an Armenian immigrant who started his business in his home and converted it into a huge company. A guided tour of the factory which makes a very famous cake, you will taste their selection of excellent sweets made of honey and wallnuts…
  • 15:30 visit to Koníček – a small private brewery – guided tour and tasting with the possibility to buy a souvenir
  • 18:00 dinner in the restaurant Radost in Havířov

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

  • 8:00 departure to Ostrava – third biggest city in Czech Republic
  • 9:00 Film festival “One World” in Cineport where we will see a documentary “Anote´s Ark” about people from Kiribati affected by climate changes
  • 10:00 walk around the former industrial area (UNESCO world heritage) which was transformed into a unique open air museum called “Lower Vítkovice” – we book a tour if the kids are interested or we can just walk to the city centre, visit the town hall with the highest view tower in the country. Possible shopping in a nearby shopping mall. You can have a snack there in many fast food restaurants if you feel hungry or bring your own snack.
  • 16:00 departure back to Havířov
  • 17:00 restaurant Balon in Havířov with a small private brewery (possible guided tour for teachers and tasting) and dinner for everybody at about 18:00

Thursday 4th April 2019

  • 7:24 departure of a direct train to the capital city of Prague (so we should leave the hotel at 6:45 and you will get a picnic packet instead of breakfast). There is a good and cheap service on board (great coffee for free) so you can eat and drink on the way. Check out the prices here. We will not stop for lunch in Prague as we would not have much time to see the sights, you can buy something on the way, on the train or bring your own snack. In the evening again you will be able to eat on the train from their menu (sweets, sushi, salads…).
  • 11:13 arrival in Prague, walk along the Wenceslas Square down to Old Town Square with the famous Astronomical Clock and then across Charles Bridge to the largest ancient castle in the world. Then we will continue to Petřín through Strahov and go down to the river again, cross another bridge past the Dancing House and go to the train station where the train back to Havířov leaves at 17:47.
  • 21:29 arrival back in Havířov and walk to the hotel (15 minutes)

Friday 5th April 2019

  • 9:00 workshop with eTwinning ambassador on using the platform with lots of useful tips and ideas for our work. We will also evaluate our meeting and plan further steps.
  • 12:00 lunch at school
  • possible afternoon meeting with the Mayor of Havířov (still unknown time and place)
  • free time activites prepared by the CZ students
  • 18:00 bowling (no problem to cancel if you feel tired)

Students and teachers again will have a chance to meet personally and become familiar with the Czech school system and its positives or negatives (the personality of J.A.Comenius will be discussed). They will take part in field trips to the surrounding places of interest and monuments connected with the topic of the project (i.e. open air museum of folk art and architecture). They will visit the local industrial heritage site in Dolní Vítkovice in Ostrava where steel factories and coal mines are closed now (influence on unemployment here). Why was Ostrava called “Steel Heart of Europe” and now it is not? In what way the industrial towns change after the production is closed down? Migration of labour force to bigger cities.

Participants will get to know Czech culture, traditons and history with the emphasis on industry because CZ school is located in a very industrial part of the country where lots of steel factories and coal mines were closed bringing unemployment to the highest level in the country causing social problems including high crime rate and social exclusion in poor neighbourhoods. Thanks to the location of Havirov 15 km from the Polish border and 30 km from Slovak border we can observe and study the issue of immigration, cross border cooperation, bilingualism, mixed nationality families etc.

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